Plans For The Future

What can we learn from what is happening around the world? How can we make sure of an equitable cultural rebuild?

In this series of conversations Kris Nelson, CEO and Artistic Director of LIFT, chatted to colleagues and intrepid arts makers from around the world about the state of the arts where they are, and their hopes, inspirations and predictions for the future.

Originally held as a series of live conversations on Instagram, Plans For The Future is now available as a podcast to listen to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.



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Episode 1: Plans For The Future with Dr. Njoki Ngumi

Dr. Njoki Ngumi is a Nairobi-based artist, writer and feminist thinker. She’s a founding member of multidisciplinary arts collective The Nest.

You can access the transcript for Kris and Njoki’s conversation here.

Show Notes

During the course of their far-reaching conversation, Kris and Njoki discussed:

Episode 2: Plans For The Future with Mariano Pensotti

Internationally renowned theatre and cinema artist Mariano Pensotti joined Kris live from Buenos Aires to discuss his plans for the future.

You can access the transcript for Kris and Mariano’s conversation here.

Show Notes

Kris and Mariano talked about a variety of LIFT, Grupo Marea (Mariano’s production company) and other projects and people, including:

Episode 3: Plans For The Future with Juliet Knapp

Juliet Knapp is a presenter, curator and a co-artistic director of Kyoto Experiment. She joined Kris from Kyoto, Japan.

You can access the transcript to Juliet and Kris’ conversation here.

Show Notes

While chatting, Kris and Juliet talked about:

Episode 4: Plans For The Future with Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin

Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin is an artist, independent researcher and queer agitator of Armenian descent, currently living in Milan, Italy. They recently took part in Concept Touring, the first commission in LIFT’s Artist Advancement Programme, and their performance, Գիշեր| gisher, is part of the LIFT 2022 programme.

You can access the transcript for Kris and Giorgia’s conversation here.

Show Notes

During the course of their chat, Kris and Georgia chatted about:

Episode 5: Plans For The Future with Meiyin Wang

Meiyin Wang is the Producing Director of The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center, slated to open in 2023 on the World Trade Center campus. She is joining Kris from an early morning in New York, USA.

You can access the transcript for Kris and Meiyin’s conversation here.

Show Notes

In their lively discussion Kris and Meiyin talked about:

Episode 6: Plans For The Future LIFT Anniversary Special

In this special episode of Plans For The Future, LIFT’s founders, Lucy Neal and Rose Fenton, and LIFT’s current leaders, Kris Nelson and Stella Kanu, talk about the past, present and future of the festival. They discuss why it was – and continues to be – essential to bring international work to London, to take risks, push boundaries, and connect global art and artists with Londoners in meaningful and impactful ways.

You can access the transcript for their conversation here.

Show Notes

In their wide ranging conversation the team mentioned:

  • Phakama an initiative started by LIFT and Sibikwa Community Theatre from Johannesburg in 1996 as a cultural exchange programme between young people in London and South Africa.
  • Enrique Vargas and his immersive sensory theatre.
  • Festival TransAmériques in Montreal.
  • Session by Steppaz Performing Arts Academy, Empire Sounds and Dan Cannon. A performance first shown in LIFT 2018 and has since toured the country.
  • Fly By Night a performance by Duke Riley shown in LIFT 2018.
  • COP26 the UN climate change conference held in Glasgow in 2021.