Concept Touring

Concept Touring was a commissioning programme for artists to develop concepts for international touring projects with little or no human travel.

The global pandemic limited travel and touring. The climate crisis is accelerating. Internationalism has never been more important. In the face of xenophobia and populism on the one hand, and the power of global movements on the other, Concept Touring supported new worldwide solidarity and ways of working together.

The online residency and commissioning project supported projects where the idea, process, work, travel, but the artist does not. We gathered a group of artists to develop or adapt ideas and explore new ways to work, tour, exhibit and collaborate internationally. In the immediate term, this was a way to come together despite the pandemic keeping us all physically apart. In the longer term, Concept Touring drew together ideas that’ll set a standard for touring and international collaboration which is ecologically sustainable and forges new ties between global and local artists, participants and audiences.

This project forms part of a larger Artist Advancement series at LIFT, a group of interventions and initiatives that strengthen ties between UK and international artists. The residency created conditions for artists to incubate and develop ambitious and exciting ideas, initiate new ways of international working, compare notes, speak with peers and other artists and to be mentored by leading international programmers and artists.

The programme of the residency was designed by LIFT and the mentors with an emphasis on generosity, curiosity and connection.