Radio Ghost


London, UK

2 – 3 Jul

Brent Cross, The Mall Wood Green and Exchange Ilford

Booking information: Radio Ghost is played in teams of three. You can book a single ticket or, if you want to play with friends, book all three for your chosen time slot.

Radio Ghost will take place at the same time across three London shopping centres. Choose your location below to book.


Facilities: Accessible toilets are available.

Unlock ghost stories hidden in a shopping centre.

Let DJ Iva Toguri guide you in an interactive ghost-hunt through a shopping centre. But you won’t be searching for headless kings or grey ladies in attics; these ghosts are of a different nature altogether…

In Radio Ghost you are a ghost-hunter, broadcasting your journey as you travel through the haunted shopping mall. Discover how things come to be in our hands, delivered to us by the hands of ghosts.

Radio Ghost is an audio driven, app-based walking game. You and your team will have to blend in as perfect shoppers to unlock the stories of the mall, following prompts as you navigate a world that knows the price of everything, and the cost of nothing.

A tantalizing trip through a warped and distorted broadcast of 1980s music during which a melodic voice had me questioning my existence.
— Virtual Reality Pulse


A LIFT Concept Touring commission. Supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and co-commissioned by Tramway Glasgow and The Lowry.   


Radio Ghost relies on the use of headphones, a phone (all kit provided) and on walking at pace throughout the game. Therefore, we regret to say that at this stage this piece is not suitable for audience members who are hard of hearing, visually impaired, or unable to be on their feet for an hour.  If you have any questions or would like to know more before you book your ticket, get in touch via