Artist opportunity: Open call for responses to Գիշեր | gisher

Open call for eight artists based in London to develop written responses to Գիշեր| gisher by Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin.

Dealing with narratives of hostility, survival strategies, rest, friction, sensuality and healing, Գիշեր | gisher premiered in July 2020 on the same day that the conflict between Turkey/ Azerbaijan and Armenia re-opened.

This open call is to participate in a residency in London and produce a written response to the work that will form part of the piece as it is performed during LIFT 2022.

Anyone who has a deep resonance with the call out is welcome to apply, although we particularly encourage artists of SWANA (South West Asian/North African) descent and QTIBPOC to take part.

Further details about the opportunity and how to apply can be found on the jobs page.