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  • Alcohol, City Lights and Slow Songs - Tottenham workshop opportunity with Inua Ellams

    In 2011, Take Care, Drake’s second album dropped and Inua found the Lyrics ‘Alcohol, City Lights and Slow Songs’ lurking in one of the songs. He started thinking a lot about what it means to live in a city like London in the context of that lyric and would like to gather a group of around 15 people to explore those ideas over the course of a week in February - this is a paid opportunity for Tottenham-based 16-25-year-olds.


    The Tottenham UpLIFTers on BBC Click News

    It's not often teenagers are asked to make more noise but on 4 December 2018 we did just that with our Tottenham UpLIFTers as part of a feature with BBC Click News and the BBC VR Hub, as they got ready to launch their brand new VR experience, Make Noise.


    LIFT: An artistic intervention into global business

    In October 2018, Virgin Group invited LIFT to shake up their annual global CEO gathering. They asked us to curate a programme of immersive, artistic interventions that would relay experiences of empathy for an audience of over 50 CEOs and Human Resources Directors from around the world.

    The making of Session - watch the film

    Krismas Special - some 2018 sparks

    Hi, Kris Nelson here, LIFT's new Artistic Director and CEO. The past year was full of movement for me. Lots of planes, lots of boxes, lots of reunions with people I’d not seen in too long and many new beginnings.

    I moved away from Dublin after four amazing years, went home to Canada to get some winter family time, attended some festivals in Vancouver, Yokohama and Brisbane, went travelling, and moved to London – and that was all before April.