Rythym and Rhyme, a reflection

Ali, also known as Nomadic Libaax (libaax means lion in Somali) designed and led a workshop at Uplifted, the event created by LIFT's young producers. These are his reflections.

It was a unique experience being a part of a multidisciplinary festival with lots of different events run side by side. And I got to experience it first hand in the capacity of facilitator, as well as as an attendee.

As an attendee at Uplifted I joined the embroidery workshop which I would highly recommend; it was a unique and calming experience. And I also really enjoyed experiencing the live music part of the event; exceptional local artists shared their music in a very organic way.

The workshop I curated and led as a part of the festival was called

Rhythm & Rhyme: Unlocking the Poetic Mind. 

It was an interactive, spoken word workshop centred around perspective, how to develop a poetic outlook, and unlock the potential within the mind through a variety of different exercises and focus points.

The three main exercises compiled of a rhythm exercise, a rhyme exercise and writing exercise, as well as different talking points. These included:

There is a poem in everything

Your Potential is Exponential

Rhythm & Rhyme relax the mind to enjoy and unwind one line at a time

Deep dive into your well

to depths you might not know so well

To rediscover your world

The workshop was attended by all different types of people, from different ethnic backgrounds to ages and identities. It was a reflection of the overall festival where different workshops were run side by side.

One attendee sent me a message afterwards saying:  ‘Thank you so much for the workshop part of Uplifted today! It was really eye opening and I greatly appreciate it.’

The Uplifted mini-festival provided a unique opportunity for all to experience something different that they might not normally get to, side by side, in an inclusive, fun and interactive manner. For myself I would say that the festival provided me with a chance to express my creative understanding in a new format in a shared learning experience. I am very grateful for the wonderful people at LIFT and especially Nyasha Duri for putting me forward for this event.

(Khadija Choudry, Qing Li and Nyasha Duri, three of the UpLIFTers, curated a series of workshops that explored ideas around the intersection between culture and identity. Alongside Ali’s Rhythm and Rhyme workshop was  Embroidery and Resistance with Angela Camacho, and Clay Pinch with Megan Elliott.)

For me, Uplifted was important because I got to experience what it was like to facilitate, coordinate and be a part of a festival in a unique capacity. I will always remember it as the beginning of a time yet to last!


The festival was marvellous in more than one way

The fond memories of that day will always remain

As those that I met are close not estranged

As are the times we shared and the lessons we exchanged

Mutual learning in a new way

For to be uplifted means to be a bright light for those

Just the same

In terms of energy

Not just in name