The Young People’s Rhyming Guide to Advocacy

How impactful can a young person's voice be? In 2020 the UpLIFTers explored advocacy with Potent Whisper and the Advocacy Academy.

In 2020 the UpLIFTers transitioned into higher education in the midst of the pandemic. Part of their continued process as young creatives was the examination of the self within society. In December the same year, there was an opportunity for them to connect with young activists through online talks held with Advocacy Academy alumni Fill in The Blanks, Re.Rooted and The Halo Collective, whose campaigns call out, challenge and seek to dismantle institutionalised racism in schools, and in written law.

Wanting to further investigate advocacy and the impact of creative interventions centred on justice, we commissioned artist Potent Whisper to work with some of the young people to explore the processes of advocacy, who may be involved, it’s ethics and, with the tools of rhyme and spoken word, how impactful a young person’s voice can be.

Unable to meet in-person, the video was created and recorded through workshopping on Zoom. It gives a glimpse into their examination of advocacy and serves as the beginning of a wider conversation for them to have with young people across London.

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You can support Fill in The Blanks in their campaign to de-colonialise the teaching of history in Britain; help ReRoot.ED make secondary school education system anti-racist, critical and inclusive; and join The Halo Collective in their mission to end race-based hair discrimination.

The Young People’s Rhyming Guide to Advocacy

Lyrics by the UpLIFTers


Everybody has a voice but some voices aren’t heard

For some people getting human rights can be hard work


The world might say you’re powerless but none of that is true

In fact the people you’ve been waiting for to change the world – are you!


It doesn’t matter what your age, whether young or old

It doesn’t matter what your gender, you can get involved

You can be an advocate – whatever you’ve been told

And the first step to take is just to understand your role


Always let them take the lead – your role is to support them

And you should act with them – never act for them

The next step is quite straightforward, but important

Identify the aims of the campaign that you’re supporting


What specific things are you working to achieve?

And what skills do you have that you can bring your team?


Then it’s:

Artwork – network

Hard work – let’s work!


If the world won’t listen then you have to speak louder

Change is like a book and it’s yours to turn the the page

Recognise your power and shout it to their tower

To help secure people’s rights, and break away their chains


To help prevent their pain and take away anxiety

To be the change we want to see in our own society


Don’t forget your power you can change the world for better

You can write the future if you choose to work together


But don’t forget about yourself – know your own limits

Take a step back don’t forget your self care

Caring for yourself should be something you revisit

In order to support them, ensure your ​welfare


Young people make a change and you can do it too

Take a look around the world and you can see the proof

They try to say you’re powerless but none of that is true

In fact the people you’ve been waiting for to change the world – are you!