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  • Posted 30 June 2016

    Calling Tree


    By Rosemary Lee and Simon Whitehead

    In a park in Tottenham sits a magnificent ancient Oak tree – a 500-year-old symbol of permanence that dominates a corner in this forever-changing pocket of the city. Bird-like calls, songs and messages echo out from the canopy of the tree as performers continually appear and disappear, fluctuating between restful perching to passionate vocal and physical activity. The performers beckon knowing audiences and unwitting passers-by alike, enticing them to stop, look up, contemplate and enjoy. Bring your blanket or rug, lie on the grass, and expect to see – and hear – the iconic tree in a completely new way.

    An associated programme of activities developed with the local community will also be woven into the daily performances. Using the tree as a gathering point, these will range from spoken word, songs and dance events; a local history talk and a walk with an ecologist and bird specialist.


    Thursday 30 June

    4pm-8pm: Calling Tree performance (cyclical)

    Friday 1 July

    4pm-8pm: Calling Tree performance (cyclical)
    8.15pm-9.45pm: Beneath the Boughs, a gathering of emerging and established poets, writers and musicians, amongst them Sam Lee, Phil Minton, Deanna Rodger and others.

    Saturday 2 July

    10am-11am: movement under the tree with Simon and Rosemary
    1.30pm: walk with local ornithologist David Cotteridge in the park
    1.30pm: walk with urban ecologist Bob Gilbert in the park
    2.30pm: talk with urban ecologist Bob Gilbert covering stories of the tree’s biology, history and cultural legacy
    3pm: circle and line dance with Kerry Fletcher, Ravi Sawney (fiddle) and Lucky Moyo (drum)
    4pm-8pm: Calling Tree performance (cyclical)

    Co-produced by LIFT and Artsadmin, presented in association with The Place. Originally commissioned by Migrations.
    An Imagine 2020 (2.0) and Create to Connect project, supported by the Creative Europe Programme and the Culture Programme of the European Union.
    Image — Tony Fanning