LIFT the City: Coney Workplace Boosts

Coney (London)

5 Jun – 27 Jul
LIFT has commissioned BAFTA award-winning interactive arts company Coney to design and deliver a series of playful workshops for workers and residents in the City of London.

A Workplace Boost’ is an offer to all the workplaces of the City, both the corporate offices of the finance and business sectors and also the fundamental workforces of the city, people who without their efforts, the city would not survive.

Coney will be working with company teams, and also chefs, cleaners, security guards, drivers, health care providers, community and support workers, teachers, and many more, to inject fun and creativity into their workplaces, improving wellbeing through play. Coney‘s signature playful approach can boost team connection, encourage a sense of purpose and offer teams an imaginative break from the day-to-day.

The workshops will include the discovery of hidden treasures and adventures in the neighbourhood of a workplace, using original games and challenges to uncover untold stories. The people of the City will explore what is unique, exciting and/or challenging about their workplace and locale, contributing to a series of interactive adventures, set to unfold in a major new production, to be presented as part of LIFT the City in 2025.

A Workplace Boost‘ can be one, two, or three hours in length, be for groups from 10-50 people in size, and adaptable to meet specific benefits required for each workplace. Workshops can take place in an office space, break room, or out in the city streets… there are adventures to be found around every corner!

If you live or work in the City of London and would like to get involved, please contact our LIFT the City Audience Connector:

To find out more about Coney‘s work please visit here: Coney | Interactive Theatre, Games and Adventures (

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"Coney are pushing at the boundaries of theatre and of technology"
— - Lynn Gardner


Image Credit © Ben Peter Catchpole