Bat Night Market

Kuang-Yi Ku (Taipei/Eindhoven) & Robert Charles Johnson (London)

10 – 12 & 14 – 15 Jun

Science Gallery London


  • The venue is completely wheelchair accessible, if you wish to book a wheelchair ticket or have an access companion please contact
  • We do not have relaxed environment/performance, but if guests wish to come at less busy slot, please book either slot 1 or slot 2
  • BSL interpretation available on the 15 June matinee. Please get in touch before booking a slot


  • The audience will move through an immersive journey, there will be resting places available
  • Audiences will be invited to taste from the market, all allergens and ingredients will be displayed
A marketplace for the mind, an experience for the senses. Step outside your comfort zone and into a night market of the future. 

Bat Night Market tells the tales of the extraordinary bat species, examining their imperative nature in our global ecosystem and teaching us that conservation of the key species is more crucial now than ever before.

As audiences embark on this strange journey into a futuristic Taiwanese night market, we are invited to explore what interspecies resourcefulness and creative food solutions might look like, in the not-so-distant future, and in the face of the climate crisis.

Set in an imagined night market where bat species are extinct, Bat Night Market intersects performance, speculative design and science. We invite visitors to celebrate these enigmatic animals in an evening of discussions, games, tastings and sensory experiences.

Bat Night Market is an international collaboration between designer UK artist Robert Charles Johnson and artist Kuang-Yi Ku, Taiwan/Netherlands.

Co-commissioned by LIFT and Taipei Performing Arts Center, Presented at Science Gallery London part of King’s College London.



“Exhilarating nightmare world... [A] fascinating, immersive show about ecology, geopolitics and the future of food production.”
— - The Stage
"Over ninety minutes, there are games to be played, facts to be absorbed and losses to be mourned."
— - London Theatre 1
"The set channels the sci-fi night market concept brilliantly... and the short interlude of interpretive dance at the end is genuinely moving."
— The Prickle


Lead Artist Kuang-Yi Ku
Lead Artist Robert Johnson
Dramaturg Ding-Yun Huang
Food Artist Rain Wu
Soundscape Design  Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Scientists: Gemma Bowsher, Martha Gallardo Galaviz, Lucy Di-Silvio

Motion Graphics Director: Chia-Hua Lee
Motion Graphics Designer: Xuanjie Huang, Deer Sheng
Graphic Designer: Po-Chun Chou
Soundscape Design and Music: The Electronic and Produced Music Department, Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
Music Director: Barbara De Biasi
Lead Sound Designer: Bronte Tucker
Composers: Oliwia Radomska, Tongyu Wu, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson, Annabel Brooks, Theo Lees.
Sound Designers: Oliwia Radomska, Taha Kagzi, Chester Tribley
Game Design Engineer: Chia-Hung Lin (Mick Lin)
Chef: Luke Keyte

Performers: Vinna Law, Steve Lok, Robin Khor Yong Kuan, Marian Lee, Diana Feng, Sigi Moonlight

BSL interpreter: Rachel Rebecca Jones

Co-Commissioned by LIFT and Taipei Performing Arts Center.

Presented at Science Gallery London.

Image credit © Rain Wu. This is an AI-assisted image created with the support of Midjourney.


Funded by the British Council’s International Collaboration Grants and the ARTWAVE project of the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF), Taiwan, which are designed to support UK and overseas organisations to collaborate on international arts projects.

Also generously supported by Cockayne Grants for the Arts & The London Community Foundation (LCF) and The Taipei Representative Office. The composition and production of the original soundscape is  supported by Garrick Charitable Trust and The Leche Trust.

Research and development supported by Science Gallery London, part of King’s College London, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK. Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Bao, Goldsmiths University of London, and Taipei Performing Arts Centre (TPAC)

With thanks to

Robin Collective

Wheelcake Island

Deafinitely Theatre

Donmar Warehouse

Kiln Theatre


Science Gallery London






Will visitors need to eat bats as part of the experience?

No, all food served will be vegan. A list of ingredients will be provided.

Do I need to bring money to spend at the market?


Is there seating?

Yes, there will be some seating

Will I be required to perform?

No. It is an interactive exhibition though, so there will be small tasks to do along the way including some tasting!

I have dietary requirements, how will I know what is in the food?

All food is vegan and peanut free. One dish is not gluten free but all others are.

To find out more about specific ingredients on the day, there will be QR codes around the performance space which will reveal a list of all ingredients.