Bat Brunch Lab: Sheffield

Kuang-Yi Ku and Robert Johnson

Taipei/Eindhoven and London

29 Mar

Sheffield Halham University, Sheffield

How do you feel about eating bat?

You’re invited to the year 2050. A network of scientists and engineers are working to protect nature and traditional cultures through the introduction of artificial wildlife.

Why? Because in 2020, media hype linked the source of coronavirus to the custom of eating bats in Asia. A video of a Thai food blogger eating bat soup went viral, leading to her arrest. In the name of safety, the practice was condemned. But what is it about eating bats that makes people in the West feel uneasy? And shouldn’t we try to find ways to safely preserve our traditions?

The Bat Brunch Lab researchers want to show you how their bio-engineered bats can become a superfood for humans, protect this endangered species and prevent future pandemics. Join a fictional focus group to help them understand if there’s a (super)market for their cutting-edge science. Through a series of free workshops and talks, you’ll not only find out that synthetic bats are nutritious, but also how design and science can intervene in our food systems and protect both humans and non-humans alike.

Bat Brunch Lab is part of the artistic research and development of a project by artists Kuang-Yi Ku (Taipei/Eindhoven) and Robert Johnson (London).


In this unique afternoon exploring the future of food, participants will rotate through three workshops which invite you to explore:

Health – could bat meat be a medicine of the future? How far would you go to access the health-giving benefits of bat?

Safety – what processes will we need in the future to identity poison and harmful substances in our (artificial) foods?

Culture – can we develop a ritual together to connect the ancient tradition of eating bats to the modern production of artificial bat meat?


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Please note:

This event is for over 18s.

Bat Brunch Lab will be filmed and photographed. If you do not want to be filmed or photographed please let our team know and they will make sure you are not captured on camera.



Sheffield Hallam University


Co-Commissioned by LIFT and Taipei Performing Arts Center.

Funded by ARTWAVE and the British Council as part of the International Collaboration Grants. Supported by Cockayne Grants for the Arts, a donor advised fund at the London Community Foundation. Research and development supported by Science Gallery London, part of King’s College London, and the Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK.



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