In 1996 LIFT presented Out of LIFT, a season of theatre created for, with and by young people.

Out of LIFT was a new kind of festival between festivals. The aim was to challenge prejudices that surrounded theatre for young people, which was often marginalised and poorly resourced.

The Dream Factory saw Christophe Berthonneau and his company Groupe F work with 120 13 and 14 year-old students from ‘sink school’ Stockwell Park to create a fiery show in Brixton’s Brockwell Park based on their dreams. Also in 1996 Phakama, an international arts exchange project for young people, was born. The project set out to explore new models for artistic processes rooted in personal encounters and stories. The name ‘Phakama’ has its root in a Xhosa word meaning ‘lift yourself up’.

Out of LIFT’96 presented 10+ companies from Brazil, France, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and South Africa.


Bando de Teatro Olodum

Erê at Young Vic


Bando de Teatro Olodum and Brazilian and UK artists

Carnival at Gabriel's Wharf, Sounth Bank

Brazil, UK

Groupe F with UK artists and pupils from Strockwelll Park School

The Factory of Dreams at Brockwell Park

France, UK

Reich and Syzber

Visions of Earthly Paradise (in association with BAC Young People's Theatre) at St Peter's Church, Vauxhall

Sweden, UK

Theatre La Balance

Cordelia at Young Vic


Shared Values

Shared Values conference on theatre for, with and by young people at The Oval House



The Gates are Open Wide at Seshego, Benoni, Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa, UK