A Thank You to our Wonderful Participants

One hundred participants, one woman, one scene and one huge thank you. We can reveal, for the first time, the names of the one hundred participants who helped make The Second Woman happen.

After a raucous standing ovation for Ruth Wilson and the team behind The Second Woman, it’s time to thank the 100 brave participants who helped make the show the remarkable experience it was.

Despite not knowing what they were signing up for, 100 people put their name forwards to take part. And once they found out, they stuck with it!

To keep them anonymous to you, to Ruth and to each other, we’ve not been able to name them until now. So we’re taking the opportunity now to say a resounding thank you to them all (in no particular order):

  • Oluwalonimi Owoyemi
  • Chris McGoldrick
  • Daniel Phillips
  • Roger Breeden
  • Aaron Edwards Mavinga
  • Jack Thorne
  • Pierre Moullier
  • Andrew Aarons
  • Shakoor Din
  • Ije Nwokorie
  • Luc de Freitas
  • Peter Phillips
  • Ben Cobb
  • Tyler Woodhouse
  • Alex Trippier
  • Nigel Campbell
  • Iain MacDonald
  • Benjamin Clarke
  • Simon Hammerstein
  • Marek Bielski
  • John Watts
  • Sope Dirisu
  • Jamel Alatise
  • Moe Farah
  • Chris Olson
  • Josh Dobbs
  • Steve Benson
  • Karl Markey-Lee
  • Victor Zaal
  • Ronnie Mortimer
  • Oliver Reed
  • Seth Gillman
  • Simon Bracken
  • Nene Camara
  • Tom Burke
  • Michael Sookhan
  • Dan MacIntyre
  • Jade Muratore
  • Kevin O’Neill
  • Simon Tipping
  • William Gabbitas
  • Daniel Downing
  • Sedar Keskin
  • Augustin Wecxsteen
  • Lukas Rimkus
  • Aiden Gillen
  • Alexander Da Fonseca
  • Ben Whishaw
  • Oliver Lavery
  • Mark Amura
  • Hugo Saporiti
  • Valentina Vela
  • Leo Corbitt
  • Tom Brocklehurst
  • Sam Stewart
  • Mat Zaremba
  • Daniel Bladon
  • Kamal Ahmed
  • Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz
  • Thomas Mikellides
  • Shahab Awad
  • Peter Osbourne
  • Edgar Wright
  • Ted Hodgkinson
  • Richard Adetunji
  • Gus Ken
  • Simon (Cy) Wallace
  • Anna Richardson
  • Chris de Pury
  • Lewis Bradbury
  • Juan Jose Galeano
  • Rob Buckhaven
  • Leroy Chew
  • Tim Neumann
  • Oliver Menell
  • Riccardo Guido
  • Asa Clark
  • Gopal Virdee
  • Eric Pollack
  • Luke Rogan
  • Andrew Scott
  • Jonathan Phang
  • Toby Jones
  • Seamus Kennedy
  • Robert Moore
  • Alex Fragkos
  • Adar Owuna
  • Jack Hardman
  • Idris Elba
  • Sahar Bano Malik
  • Stephen Grist
  • Bernard Donoghue
  • Casey Bredeen
  • Luca Falco-Pitt

A Snapshot of Our Participants


The Second Woman is a LIFT and Young Vic co-production, produced in association with Ruth Wilson.

Creators: Nat Randall and Anna Breckon
Direction: Anna Breckon and Nat Randall
Video and Camera Design: EO Gill and Anna Breckon
Lighting Design: Amber Silk and Kayla Burrett
UK Lighting Design: Lauren Woodhead
Music Composition: Nina Buchanan

Photographs: Beatrice Debney

Presented in proud association with House of Oz. The Second Woman is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and originally supported by Next Wave 2016.

Special thanks to Anglo Asia Education Foundation, Vicky Deigman, Craig Hassall AM, Martin Harrison, David Kaskel and Chris Teano, Jane Tranter, and to those who have chosen to support anonymously.