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  • Tottenham UpLIFTers head to BBC’s Broadcasting House

    30th January 2019

    Ashley experiencing Congo VR 2
    Sudanez experiencing 360 degree film

    We’ve been introducing The Tottenham UpLIFTers to the BBC! First we invited the BBC to visit The Vale School to film a Click News feature celebrating the launch of their Make Noise VR experience (read blog post here). It was a total blast for everyone involved so we were delighted when the BBC then invited us to check out their very cool VR Hub back at their HQ, the one and only and Broadcasting House. Not only did we get to play with their tech toys all day but they even gave us a tour of the BBC newsroom AND we had pizza for lunch – not a bad way to kick off the year.

    During the day the UpLIFTers road tested some virtual reality and augmented reality games and documentaries. They used a number of different headsets including the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and the HTC Vive as well as various tablets and phones. They immersed themselves within the Day Of The Dead celebrations in Coco, Pixar’s first ever VR experience, flew over Tottenham’s Hotspurs brand new stadium on Google Earth and got their weekly exercise in with Beat Saber. The UpLIFTers also worked with students from the UCL360 Lab to find out more about 360-degree filmmaking and had a go at making their own films too.

    One of the hits of the day was the BBC’s Congo VR experience, an immersive documentary that completely transports its user to the jungles and rainforests of the DRC. Talking about the experience, Malik said:

    ‘I found it interesting – I feel like it would be an easier way to learn and as young kids if we’re learning it that way then it would be much better than sitting in a classroom – I learnt a lot from that documentary’

    While Sinead and Alexandra had the following to say about it:

    ‘We learnt information about the Congo and people’s lives and that it’s not what you’d expect it to be. We liked it because we felt a part of it – like it was real life’ 

    The trip is part of our ongoing research and development for the UpLIFTers next big project working with the Tottenham-based Digital Artist, Director and Creator Imwen Eke. They’re creating a brand-new digital game exploring the socio-cultural dimensions of Tottenham through technology and play. The game is due to be previewed in Tottenham this summer – watch this space for more updates and info.

    For a quick glance at what we got up to, take a look at our short film:

    UpLIFTers at the BBC