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  • Posted 17 December 2018

    The Tottenham UpLIFTers on BBC Click News

    It’s not often teenagers are asked to make more noise but on 4 December 2018 we did just that with our Tottenham UpLIFTers as part of a feature with BBC Click News and the BBC VR Hub, as they got ready to launch their brand new VR experience, Make Noise. 

    UpLIFTers Prav, James, Jessica, Nevan & Sudenaz with Make Noise Director, May Abdalla (Anagram). Image, BBC/Kim Nicholls

    Our brilliant Tottenham UpLIFTers are always up for new adventures so when the BBC VR Hub asked if we knew any students who’d be interested in helping them launch their brand new VR experience, we knew exactly who to ask. Created by the BBC VR Hub with the development studio Anagram, Make Noise uses original archive material from the suffragettes to retell the dramatic story of how a few women started one of the most important movements in history and puts its user at the centre of it all by encouraging them to use the power of voice to smash through the barriers the suffragettes faced during their fight to win the vote for women.

    Hosted by The Vale School and featuring UpLIFTers from both The Vale and Duke’s Aldridge Academy, the BBC introduced the power of VR experiences to the group before asking them about the themes being explored. You can watch the feature at the start of this Click News Women in Tech episode.

     Images, BBC/Kim Nicholls

    The UpLIFTers will be working on their own digital experience in 2019 in a new collaboration with the Tottenham-based digital artist, director and curator, Imwen Eke. The project will explore the socio-cultural dimensions of Tottenham through technology and play and will be shared with the public in late spring, watch this space!