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  • 28th March 2017

    The Season 2018

    The Creative and Cultural community will be united from 1 June until 1 December 2018 to celebrate the environment and inspire action on climate change.

    The programme, which aims to coincide with the landmark COP24 global climate change due to take place in November 2018, will celebrate the widest (and wildest!) range of creative responses to climate change and the environment across arts, design, broadcast, film, fashion, music and in
    museums, galleries, theatres, venues, cinemas, festivals, parks, schools, and on the streets.

    We want to:
    • Put the issue of climate change higher up both personal and political agendas and rethink
    our relationship to the environment.
    • Celebrate the vibrant green movement already taking place across the arts and creative
    industries, and inspire others to join.
    • Make positive change feel achievable for all.
    • Inspire creativity and unleash new design to construct a low-­carbon world.
    • Raise our voices to policymakers to show them that they have the support to make
    ambitious political decisions for a sustainable future.
    • Create spaces for people to intellectually and emotionally engage themselves with climate
    change and what it means to build a sustainable, equitable future.

    Everyone is welcome to participate in this ever growing initiative -­ individuals as well as organisations, large and small-­scale, local and national, commercial to community, the most important thing is that we speak out. You can contribute to this programme in many ways. In order to register your interest in joining in, follow this link and fill out the form.

    Further information and inspiring case studies can be found here.