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  • Posted 19 April 2021

    LIFT’s Executive Director on protest and activism in art during lockdown

    LIFT’s Executive Director Stella Kanu joined Hello Culture to discuss how digital platforms enabled protest and activism in art during lockdown.  


    Hello Culture is an ongoing series of events that explore how digital technologies and media are disrupting the way cultural and heritage organisations produce, interact, create and curate content, by transforming how audiences can connect and engage with cultural experiences. 


    Last month, Stella Kanu joined Javaad Alipoor, Director of The Javaad Alipoor CompanyAmahra Spence, Co-founder and Creative Director at MAIA, and Michael Jenkins from Blak Wave, for a fascinating conversation about the role digital platforms and art played in the protests that erupted during lockdown.  


    Hello Culture Remix: Digital Protest Panel

    Black Lives Matter, decolonisation, statues – lockdown saw the biggest demonstrations and activism that finally challenged the systemic and institutional cultural frameworks that had been barriers to marginalised and minoritised people for decades. This breaking of the veil was achieved through physical protests as well as online demonstrations such as black squares on Instagram and anti-racists sloganeering. But beyond the squares on Instagram,  cultural activism burns bright online – what happens next as the world continues to burn?