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  • Posted 10 June 2020

    #LIFT2020: A Journey Through LIFT’s London

    LIFT 2020, London

    We had big plans for you: 10 exhilarating and powerful international performances, 5 commissions, 4 LIFT Tottenham projects, world premieres, UK debuts. A festival rich in ideas and unusual experiences. But it was not to be.


    On May 30, a few days before what would have been opening night,  I wanted to mark the month ahead and pay tribute to the festival artists, their astonishing theatre works and the festival venues and their teams who were helping us make it all happen. I cycled from my home in East London, to each of the festival venues, a journey that took 39 miles and gave ample time for reflection.


    You can watch the 10-minute video blog of the journey below – it’s a kind of festival welcome meets travelogue of the deserted streets of London. It’s impossible to capture all of the ideas and people all around the city and all around the world behind this festival – I thought of them all along the way. It underlined for me that it takes a city to make a festival and it takes the world to make LIFT.

    From all of us at LIFT, we’re sending you our very best. Wishing you all to stay safe, stay strong and stay connected to the artists and arts organisations that you love.

    Kris Nelson, Artistic Director & CEO

    #LIFT2020 #LIFT2021