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  • LIFT Top Picks 21/04/2017

    21st April 2017

    Yaaaaas, the Friyay LIFT Top Picks tradition is back after being blessed by a long Easter Break. LIFT missed you, you missed us, so here we go with more cool stuff that we encountered while scrolling down our socials.

    Old school, vintage, Marina Abramovic-y and many more performance related magazines will be available online soon thanks to the Performance Magazine’s online archive. Keep in tune with @thisisliveart to find out more.

    We could all do with a quite super private harp concert every once in a while, right? And if it’s surrounded by this atmosphere… I wouldn’t mind if it turns into an everyday thing. Go get harpist friends and go to their rehearsals!

    DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE and keep it going, wherever, whenever.

    DANCE and also discuss, debate about dancing, the future of dance and dance’s audiences. Take a look at @theplacelondon next discussion about these issues with Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley, Stephanie McMann and guest speaker Hetain Patel.