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  • LIFT 2021: Plans for the Future / Plans for Right Now 

    We started the year making plans for the future. Turns out we also need plans for right now. 

    Some truths: It’s a pandemic year. We love theatre. We love London.  

    We love making theatre in London. That’s our plan for right now. 

    Throughout the summer, we’re going to host LIFT LOVES LONDON – a series of presentations from July through September, a season of work. We’re going to love London up. We’re going to make some digital things, performances, unmissable events for your screen after you thought that you never wanted time with your laptop again. We’ll be making projects with young people – our UpLIFTers are growing up and have lots to say. We’re taking the approach we developed through LIFT Tottenham and expanding it across London. LIFT is turning 40 too – so we’ve got plenty of reason to celebrate. 

    That’s what we want to do in 2021, a season of work to reconnect us, to explore what the pandemic is hiding and bringing into sharp relief. To get our hands dirty, launch meaningful projects, get people connected and back together. Respond to the moment right now. 

    While we do that, we’re going to make some plans for the future.   

    We’re starting a new Artist Advancement Programme. We’re investing time and money into UK and international artists. We’re going to connect UK artists with their international counterparts, and make sure that LIFT is a home for more of London’s leading artists 

    Straight out of the gate, we’re launching a commissioning series for UK and international artists which is all about ‘Concept Touring’ – projects where international collaboration can happen without or with much less travel. From April to June, 8 international artists will receive cash commissions and mentorship from leading worldwide curators and artists.  

    We’ll be hosting a conversation series called Plans for the Future Right Now, where our Artistic Director Kris Nelson chats with friends around the world about how they’re facing precarity and where they’re drawing their momentum from. 

    We’re planning a festival for June 2022. Back to our beautiful biennale under a whole new set of circumstances. What does a festival look like in 2022? Vital. Historic. Epic. Just what you need. Possibly a feat of the impossible and full of new ways of working and dedicated to that incredible feeling of being in an audience witnessing something together. 

    Throughout the year we’re announcing plans, 2021 is an evolving year. We’re going to make it happen over time. Like on the stub of a news article: the situation is still evolving. 

    Plans for the Future. Plans for Right Now.