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  • Hamza’s Placement Experience

    21st December 2016

    Placement Stories

    I initially applied for the role of ‘Finance and Admin Intern’ at LIFT thinking it would just be a good experience to put on my CV and a way to gain some useful finance related skills. However my actual placement turned out to be all that and so much more. LIFT as an organisation stood out to me when applying for placements because it just seemed so different from anywhere else that I had worked before. I had absolutely no experience in theatre or the arts before LIFT and I think it was the curiosity to explore something completely new to me that made me want to work at LIFT.

    My role at LIFT was very versatile. My main tasks were generally linked to finance or box office enquiries. This included general lodger maintenance, compiling financial reports and credit card reconciliations using the accountancy software Sage. I am currently studying BSc Economics at Brunel University but I never had any practical financial experience before. It was at LIFT that I feel that I learned so much about the basics of finance and accounting that I previously had absolutely no idea about. I also got a feel for an office environment for the first time in my life and saw the inner workings of an arts organisation.

    Aside from financial and box office work, there was so much more that I got to do and see. I feel that I saw more of London during my few months at LIFT than I had before in many years. From helping to set up a circus in a Tower Hamlets cemetery to attending a performance lying in a bed in the middle of Canary Wharf to seeing an array of contemporary dance performances in a bar on the roof of a car park in Stratford, I was constantly amazed at the new world of culture in London that I was being introduced to. I think that is something that I will remember most fondly about my time at LIFT; the vast number of events and places that I had the opportunity to experience for the first time.

    I would highly recommend a placement with LIFT to anyone. Everyone at LIFT is so friendly and welcoming and the skills and experiences I gained during my time there will stay with me for the rest of my life.