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  • Posted 28 September 2016

    FutureFest 2016

    Last weekend, a number of us LIFTers and some of our brilliant Digital Board members headed over to FutureFest for a weekend of new ideas, big questions and rather surprisingly, insect ice cream. The festival, curated by Nesta, brought together some of the world’s most innovative thinkers in an impressive line-up that included Will Self, Brian Eno, Caroline Lucas MP and DJ Spooky – here are a few insights from Team LIFT:


    ‘I loved Sherry Coutu’s talk ‘Tinker tailor soldier AND spy’ – she was a real inspiration for all of us who strive to be polymaths and dream of being entrepreneurs.’

    Enni-Kukka Tuomala (Chair of LIFT’s Digital Board)


    ‘I went on the Sunday. I was deeply saddened when I heard I had missed seeing Es Devlin on the Saturday. I am never going to meet her. I should just accept it. 

    Intentionally or not, I kept getting drawn to things that covered the theme of creativity at work. I loved the debate chaired by Ije Nworkorie, titled ‘From Design Thinking to Design Playing’. It gave me a lot of actionable ideas for cultivating innovative and creative thinking at my place of work. I found Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, a very remarkable individual, born hustler, great talker, slick problem solver, and solid hat wearer. 

    But nothing was as charming and enlightening and witty and warm as hearing Brian Eno gracefully stumble through his talk on….wait, what was it about? It felt like he covered a great deal, mostly centred on culture and nurturing creativity in children and young people, and he put up a great reading list at the time which I took a photo of and will cherish for a long time.

    All in all, it was great. I loved the Molding The Signifier installation, as it made me think of a good Beckett play on bad drugs. And Soh Yeong Roh’s talk on her work creating robots for companionship was pretty powerful. All very inspiring. However, I am not sure going to see the ‘Timeless’ pop-up, which was about the future of fertilisation technology, is the most carefree way to spend any amount of time with your significant other.’

    Tiru Thiruvilangam (LIFT Digital Board member)


    ‘I really enjoyed listening to Brian Eno’s gentle talk around play – it felt like the perfect remedy to some of the high-octane ideas flying around the place. The insect ice cream was also a real treat.’ 

    Bonnie Smith (LIFT Marketing and Digital Manager)