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  • Finished 6 – 8 June

    The Place

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    Without Blood

    (Flanders, Belgium)

    LOD muziektheater - Inne Goris & Dominique Pauwels, Starring Johan Leysen

    A brief moment, almost like love at first sight.


    In the course of a pitiless act of revenge, a young man and a girl exchange a single glance. Unwittingly, and without a word being spoken, they are forever bound to each other. 52 years later, in a twist of fate, they meet again.


    Inne Goris, one of Europe’s most inventive theatre artists, has adapted Alessandro Baricco’s powerful, poetic novella Without Blood for the stage. Starring Johan Leysen, this evocative and exquisite exploration of human relationships uses sound, music and an eloquent movement vocabulary to create a theatrical alchemy of extraordinary experiences.


    There’s something very human about that need for comprehension. I’m interested in the different dimensions of human beings the dichotomy between victim and perpetrator. The difficulty of being human is that it’s never black and white. Inne Goris

    A shot, the sound of a window breaking. You hear your father choking in pain. The quiet voice of your brother, more shots. And then a terrifying silence

    Alessandro Baricco's Without Blood

    A thrilling production of spine tingling sound effects, chilling story and dynamic visual effects, Without Blood presents an aesthetic of theatre that is utterly sublime.

    Theatre Fullstop

    Without Blood is commissioned by LIFT and presented with Crying Out Loud in association with The Place.
    Supported by the Government of Flanders.
    A House on Fire project, supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.