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  • 17 September

    The Women's Library

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    Where The Heart Is


    Magic Me

    East End women share tales of passion, friendship and belonging, guiding audiences through the back streets of Aldgate and Brick Lane.

    Over several months, a group of East End women aged between 15 and 80 met each week to share and map their tales of passion, friendship and belonging. Over the weekend of the 30th June – 1st July, they revealed their personal testimonies to the public.

    During the performances audience members explored local streets, guided by artworks created by the group: a map, podcasts and video on laptops at key sites. Returning to the library, they met the participants and, over tea, got the chance to exchange their own stories.

    You make my life worthwhile… Magic Me makes my life worthwhile.
    Magic Me Participant

    Photo by Anita McKenzie, Magic Me.