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  • Posted 02 July 2010

    We Built This City


    Polyglot Theatre

    Children of all ages let their minds and their creativity run wild as they became architects, city planners and construction works for the day at the National Theatre’s Waterloo Terrace.

    We Built This City celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011 proving its status as a smash-hit touring installation-cum-performance. It used nothing but thousands and thousands of cardboard boxes and the imagination of children and their families. Guided by performers in the role of construction workers, children built an entire city to a backdrop of live DJ mixes.

    Polyglot, one of Australia’s most inventive theatre companies, urged children of all ages to let their minds and their creativity run wild. The interactive and collaborative nature of We Built This City also pointed out how the urban environment contains many interconnected lives, finally emphasising the impermanence of everything around us when the installation was eventually crushed flat by its creators.

    They were riveted, energetically throwing themselves into the environment and reluctant to leave when it all ended.

    The Age

    Awesome. Do More of this! Really enjoyed it. Liked how the actors interacted with us. Liked working with adults and children. Was a bloody corker. Thanks again! Brilliant! It's just really good fun!