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  • 17 September

    Institute of Contemporary Arts

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    There We Will Be Buried

    (Germany, USA)

    Kai Althoff & Yair Oelbaum

    Announcing the start of a new partnership, LIFT and ICA present a unique play by Yair Oelbaum and the renowned German artist Kai Althoff.

    Oelbaum and Althoff played the two main characters, Orpah and Lydia – single mothers searching for a lost daughter. As infantile paupers, Orpah and Lydia sustain their spirits through prayer – the only activity they’re truly capable of performing. Distracted, they swoon endlessly and are fractured into several simultaneous accounts of the same event.

    Everything that crosses their path remains with them for all time. Each character was represented, not only through their physical presence, but via prerecorded audio tape and on-stage video footage.


    Presented in partnership with the ICA, There We Will Be Buried was commissioned by Focal Point Gallery.

    Photos by John Salim