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  • 21 October

    Riverside Studios

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    The Rest Is Silence



    A man’s father dies and his world tips into free-fall. He does not know who to trust or what to believe in. He has no rulebook. There are no easy guidelines that show him how to feel or how to behave. His world is our world.

    This thrillingly visual deconstruction of Shakespeare’s Hamlet interweaved performance and film to create a vigorous new interpretation of a well-known classic. Enclosed on all sides within a uniquely designed structure, we were drawn into a richly cinematic and dreamlike world. Scenes, film streams and visual sequences converged, collided and examined the play’s themes and characters simultaneously and from a variety of angles.

    As we spied on the unfolding action, we became enmeshed in the messy duplicity of the characters’ tangled relationships, and watched in horror at the unraveling of their private lives and the collapse of their world.

    dreamthinkspeak are famed for their site-specific works which have included versions of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment in an underground abattoir in Clerkenwell and Before I Sleep which was the biggest selling production in the history of the Brighton Festival.

    This is Hamlet in widescreen and surround sound, with Tarantino-style jump-cuts and scenes played out from multiple perspectives...

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    The Independent

    Performed at the Riverside Studios
    Commissioned for the World Shakespeare Festival which is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company for London 2012 Festival

    Main photo by  Jim Stephenson