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    If you are having trouble making a donation via the DONATE platform please call Francis on 020 7968 6800 or email francis@liftfestival.com

    Having launched LIFT 2016 (1 June – 2 July) we want to introduce a special project to you as it sits particularly close to our hearts and is something we could really use your help with to make sure it reaches its full potential.

    The Children’s Choice Awards are heading our way – as thirty 12 year olds from Tottenham take on the prestigious role of Festival Jury. Throughout June they will be chauffeured to and from festival shows to see the performances, take notes and size it all up.

    Our acclaimed Jury will respond to criteria that they have created from their vast expertise, and collectively they’ll determine award categories and vote on the winners.

    Companies such as the fabulous Rimini Protokoll proudly include their award (from a previous, German iteration for the project) on their publicity, the children’s opinion and impression are important to artists and venues alike and if the tantrums from guests who didn’t receive an award for best hairstyle or footwear at our launch are anything to go by these are going to be unique and sort after awards.

    LIFT has just given us a fun new experience that we will surely remember, AWESOME!

    James, Jury Member on the LIFT 2016 Launch

    The Children’s Choice Awards Jury at our LIFT 2016 Launch and with Darren, taking an epic selfie.

    We want them to go on to become tomorrow's artistic directors, producers and artists.

    Erica Campayne - LIFT Senior Producer

    You’ll be able to follow their progress and hi-jinx throughout the festival until the project culminates on 1 July at the Unicorn Theatre in an Awards Ceremony where the kids present hand-made trophies to the winners, all decided by them, and described in their own words.

    As you can imagine the logistics required to ensure this fantastic disruption runs smoothly and receives the profile it deserves throughout the festival are immense and we need your support to make sure the everything is in place to make it the most fun, safe, bold and refreshing intervention across the five weeks of the Festival. From the experienced artistic team, to lots of overtime from teachers and passionate support from parents, to feeding and watering, to mini-buses and trophies, to sequins and sashes and choreography and red carpets – all will need to be rolled out to make this the event of the season.

    This kind of intervention is outside LIFT’s usual work yet we think it has a huge potential to disrupt the festival in a refreshing way. The problem is that with no ticket income we really need your financial support to make it happen. In order to raise the £2500 target we know that anything you can spare will make a real difference.

    The other way you can support the fundraising appeal is by sharing it with your networks. The more people who are able to give just a small amount the more likely we’ll reach our target.

    Why this project is important for LIFT:

    We like to push boundaries, our own as well as our audience’s. This project allows us to really take a long, hard look at our value system and see what might be around the corner and exciting for our future audiences.

    It is also key for us to be able to continue our support of Mammalian Diving Reflex who are associate artists of LIFT. Remember back to 2012 when they brought us Haircuts By Children!

    Why this project is important for the students:

    I don’t know if you remember being 12 but I sure wish someone had told me that my opinion was valid, relevant and exciting. This experience can act as a step change in the confidence and progression of these students into the cultural world.

    It will offer them opportunities not only to see the broad range of work in the festival but also to connect with internationally successful artists.

    The project also makes up an important part of our work in Tottenham. The students that will act as our LIFT 2016 Jury are all from the Northumberland Park Community School and The Vale School and are part of our project, UpLIFTers which will see Mammalian Diving Reflex working with these same students throughout their secondary school years, as they develop their voices and potential as artists.

    LIFT 2016 will go down in history as the year the kids ran(sacked) the festival.


    will fund an Official Jury Member Kit so that each student is prepared for the performances…

    …and you’ll get a big thank you via social media



    will pay for the creation of a trophy…

    …and you’ll get a postcard from Tottenham



    will support a teacher/parent to accompany the Jury…

    …and you’ll get recognition in the free-sheet and a personal thank you video



    will pay for the whole Jury to have a meal together while discussing nominees…

    …and you’ll get an invitation to the LIFT 2016 opening party to meet them



    will pay for the entire team to be mini-bussed to and from a LIFT event…

    …and you’ll be invited to the Awards Ceremony and get to meet Darren



    will fund the red carpet that the Jury will sashay down on arrival at each venue…

    …and you’ll get a Generosity Award from the kids at the Awards Ceremony



    will pay for the awards ceremony at the end of the festival…

    …and you’ll get 2 tickets to a show of your choice on the night the Jury attend


    Those kids are going to need agents!

    Someone on twitter after seeing them at the LIFT 2016 launch