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  • 16 September

    Royal Academy of Arts

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    Symphony of a Missing Room


    Lundahl & Seitl

    Each year the Royal Academy of Arts is transformed by the Summer Exhibition, as more than 1,000 works go on display in the world’s biggest open-submission art show. But what is left in the museum after the art works have gone?

    Lundahl & Seitl’s Symphony of a Missing Room: Archive of the forgotten and remembered was a rare chance to find out. Using multisensory technology, invisible dance and whispered illusion, it lead audiences on a collective and extremely personal journey through the Royal Academy’s public and private spaces, revealing the building as never before.

    Based in Stockholm and London, Lundahl & Seitl created a unique art work that dissolved the difference between the real and the virtual. With Symphony of a Missing Room, they offered an experience that will never be forgotten.

    Soothing yet extraordinarily stimulating, as if someone had dusted the inside of my cranium with a soft cloth ...

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    Financial Times

    Presented by LIFT and the Royal Academy of Arts. Supported by Festivals in Transition — Global City Local City with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. Illustration courtesy of Christer Lundahl; mixed media on paper.