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  • 18 September

    Riverside Studios

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    Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad


    Iraqi Theatre Company

    Shakespeare’s doomed lovers are relocated to the sectarian strife of modern day Baghdad.

    In a production suffused with ancient ritual and music, Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad juxtaposed the bleak cycle of violence and revenge of Shakespeare’s most lauded tragedy with a nation’s longing for beauty and love.

    Specially commissioned for the World Shakespeare Festival, this performance of Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad marked the debut appearance at LIFT of the Iraqi Theatre Company, which was founded in 2008 by Monadhil Daood to revive the dynamic theatre tradition of a country which was, until recent times, a theatrical powerhouse in the region.


    The play encompasses old and new, beautiful and ugly, tackling the underlying issues of post-war Iraq with a sharpness that cuts very close to the bone.

    Arab Review

    Commissioned for the World Shakespeare Festival which is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company for London 2012 Festival.

    Main photo by Deborah Shaw