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  • Posted 24 June 2010

    Revolution Now!


    Gob Squad

    A LIFT 2010 UK premiere, Gob Squad came equipped with cameras, live links, big screens and very long cables to broadcast the revolution to the world as it happened.

    The audience were transformed from passive spectators to revolutionaries while Gob Squad revisited revolutions past, thrusting them slap bang in the present. Cameras documented the action by both audience and company and were broadcast onto a screen outside the ICA and reactions of passersby were retransmitted to those inside.

    Revolution Now! ignites something inside us. From a solitary audience member, to joining Gob Squads collective, it is a roller-coaster road of passion, determination and outstanding lack of convention other than a joy to watch and take part. Gob Squad, I salute you and your revolution.

    A Younger Theatre

    Really exciting - a company I'd never heard of before but will most definitely look out for again. Also incredibly useful for my MA dissertation, which was handy!