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  • Posted 04 January 2016

    One Extraordinary Day

    (USA, UK, Austria)



    On 15 July, Londoners witnessed a truly extraordinary day of awe-inspiring performances by one of New York’s most exciting and daring dance companies.

    Guerrilla actions of great beauty and awe-inspiring bravery, Surprises: STREB – One Extraordinary Day was just that, a series of breathtaking happenings taking place on and around some of the most iconic sites and structures of London, including the Millennium Bridge, City Hall, Paternoster Square, Trafalgar Square, the National Theatre and the London Eye.

    Known for her life-long pursuit of action, Elizabeth Streb and her company of “action heroes” stretched the limits of the human body’s capabilities, inventing implausible movement and choreograph excitement. As London reached the climax of the Cultural Olympiad and the opening of the Olympic Games, London Festival 2012 and the Mayor of London commissioned a spectacular one-off, outdoor event to celebrate London and the imminent Games.

    Produced by the Mayor of London for the London 2012 Festival and staged by LIFT 

    Certainly the capital is unlikely to ever see anything like STREB again.

    The Guardian

    It demonstrates what you can achieve when you think big without compromising the quality of the art.


    Main photo by Andre Camara