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  • Finished 18 – 18 October

    Bernie Grant Arts Centre

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    Of Riders and Running Horses

    Dan Canham / Still House

    The music is a rider and we are running horses…

    Performed outdoors at night, Of Riders and Running Horses draws us into an exhilarating and visceral ad hoc ceremony. It conjures up a new kind of old dance to animate city spaces. Created by Still House for six female dancers and a live band, the performers dance to an insistent rhythm, reminding us of the exhilarating power that comes from moving together.

    Bristol based theatre-maker and choreographer Dan Canham has been co-commissioned by Dance Umbrella to create Of Riders and Running Horses. Influenced by film, theatre, music and dance, what lies at the heart of Dan’s work is a sense of refreshing authenticity, and a visually poetic exploration into the collective imagination of performers and audiences.

    The music, composed and played live by Luke Harney (AKA Typesun) and Sam Halmarack, was created in the rehearsal room both inspiring, and being inspired by, the choreography.

    Presented in Tottenham in partnership with Dance Umbrella and The Place, Dan Canham’s Of Runners and Running Horses marked the beginning of #LIFTTottenham, a six year programme of performances, artist residencies and creative projects developed with Tottenham’s artists and residents. Read more about LIFT’s work in Tottenham here.

    captures the joy of moving to music, of sharing a rhythm, and it makes you want to dance too

    ★ ★ ★ ★

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