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  • Finished 4 – 15 July


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    It’s a mind-stretching experience as much as a piece of theatre.

    ★ ★ ★ ★


    Not By Bread Alone



    LIFT presented the UK premiere of a thrilling and unique piece of theatre devised by Adina Tai and the deafblind acting company of the Nalaga’at Centre in Israel.

    Not By Bread Alone was two years in the making; where the actors first learned to communicate with each other and then with an audience. The performance was both highly personal and utterly universal; it filled the theatre with heartwarming tales and delicious smells. Stories unfolded through a mixture of storytelling, music and baking.

    Alongside the production, audiences could enjoy a dining experience with a twist as they ordered meals from deaf waiters in Café Kapish. The BlackOut Bar was also to be experiences as a team of blind waiters served you in total darkness.

    We established links with Sense, the leading national deafblind charity who provided LIFT with BSL training and interpretation as well as testing out a special non-public show for people who were deafblind and had other disabilities.

    There’s something deeply touching about this cast of beautiful dreamers: during the show, they remind us that, although they cannot see and hear, we all have the same ambitions and yearnings. The point is that, to really live your life to the full, you cannot live by bread alone.

    The Guardian

    Nalaga’at artistic director and the company have created a production that would impress under ordinary circumstances; as it is this piece is extraordinary….a true act of theatrical communion is performed… We are reaching through the boundaries of darkness and light and communicating clearly with one another.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    I looked on with the greatest of respect, perhaps even slightly proud of our species. That matters. This matters.

    Culture Wars