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  • Finished 1 – 2 July

    Battersea Arts Centre

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    New International Voices 2016


    Ahilan Ratnamohan and Nick Steur

    New International Voices is a partnership between LIFT and Battersea Arts Centre connecting a new generation of international artists through a two week residency at the Battersea Arts Centre, concluding with an informal Scratch showing of new work and ideas.


    Ahilan Ratnamohan’s Michael Essien I want to play as you… was part of LIFT 2014. In 2016 he will work with Aloys Kwaakum and Etuwe Bright Junior on Reverse Colonialism in which two migrants, from Cameroon and Nigeria, present a European audience with a controversial plan to tempt European Africans back to their motherlands.


    Interested in place and live performance, Dutch visual artist Nick Steur’s new piece will respond directly to the building, exploring ways in which his work can inhabit and transform space.

    Reverse Colonialism! by Ahilan Ratnamohan

    Reverse Colonialism! is an a-politically political piece inspired by the paradox of living in Europe as an African migrant as experienced by the Star Boy Collective.  In this project instead of necessarily talking directly about the resulting issues, we aim to create a new country with the audience. In doing so we hope to touch upon such issues as integration, brain drain, the glass ceiling for migrants, dependence and independence; and moreover to provoke the question of what the future is for Europe and Africa. What do we actually want it to be?

    Drop Sculptures #2 – black hole by Nick Steur

    Well the thing that struck me the most when I first visited BAC was the fire that happened here so I really felt like working with dripping water. Yet there is no theme or meaning presented in this work; I like my audience to be able to decide what it’s about for them personally. I hope the work opens itself up to the individual who is daring to take time and engage with the subtle things I’ll try to uncover these two weeks of creation… and I hope to communicate them through a minimalistic installation of water, concrete and flesh.

    Steur manages to craft a deeply thoughtful meditation on focus, distraction and artistic expression

    Exeunt Magazine on Steur's 'Freeze!'

    New International Voices is a LIFT and Battersea Arts Centre project.
    Ahilan Ratnamohan’s residency is supported by the Government of Flanders.
    Nick Steur’s residency is presented in collaboration with SoAP Foundation and Richard Jordan Productions.
    Images courtesy of Greg Macvean and Seger van Wijk.