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  • 20 October

    Stratford Circus

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    Michael Essien, I want to play as you...


    Ahilan Ratnamohan

    The lure of success in European leagues has drawn many into believing in football as a way out of poverty — and created an underclass of football-aspirants in foreign lands.

    Ahilan Ratnamohan and a group of African migrant footballers devised ‘Michael Essien I want to play as you…’ using their shared language of football. Sitting between dance and theatre, their performance explored the hidden stories of the game we all think we know.

    'Essien...' has all the energy and joie de vivre of the players who stand before us.

    Stamp Media - Belgium

    Presented by LIFT and Stratford Circus. The premiere season wascommissioned by Urban Theatre Projects (Australia). Supported by the Keir Foundation. Additional movement direction from Frantic Assembly. Images: Paulien Verlackt.