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  • Posted 22 June 2016



    Antony Hamilton and Alisdair Macindoe

    Two men stand in a circle of small boxes. As their arms slowly oscillate, each action is defined by a tiny pop as the boxes begin to move. They are 64 robotic percussion instruments, each tapping a pencil, creating an insistent, mesmerising range of sounds. A stream of activity unfolds, with all actions carried by the meditative pulse of the machine beat.


    Part of the thriving Melbourne dance scene, with Hamilton’s unique physical grammar and Macindoe’s bespoke musical instrument making, MEETING fuses bodies, space and the robots into a dynamic and riveting choreographic sound installation.

    Two cool kids of the Melbourne dance scene have teamed up to create something unique

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    Sydney Morning Herald

    the stripped-back concept exposes the show’s many complexities, all the minute moments where technology and nature meet

    The Stage

    Meeting is presented by LIFT and Battersea Arts Centre.
    Image — Gregory Lorenzutti