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  • Posted 10 July 2016
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    Late Night


    blitz theatre group

    What do you do at night when your country is crumbling by day? Well there’s music, singing, a drink, some tricks to pass the time and always the same absurd sense of waiting.


    Set among the debris of a dilapidated ballroom and with the otherworldly feel of a David Lynch film, this poetic and emotive piece unfolds to a nostalgic soundtrack, speaking of a Europe in ruins.




    Late Night creates its own distinctly textured world, a timeless place that is utterly of the now, yet recalls Europe’s 20th-century history.

    The Guardian

    At times this feels like the future, at times the past. Sometimes it feels post-apocalyptic, sometimes like the dawn of something new and beautiful

    The Stage

    we are given glimpses into a life that at times seems like a post-apocalyptic wasteland and at others a strange utopia of carefree bliss, of love and liberation from society.

    Exeunt Magazing

    Late Night is presented by LIFT and the Barbican.
    Produced by blitz theatre group. Co-produced by Onassis Cultural Centre and La Filature – Scène nationale de Mulhouse.
    Tour Management: Ligne Directe
    A House on Fire project, supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.
    Images — Vassilis Makris