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  • Highlighted Events Posted 04 March 2020
    Sonia Hughes will be performing ‘I Am From Reykjavik’ as part of our 40th anniversary summer season. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first in the know when the programme is announced!


    LIFT, The Royal Docks Team and City of London present

    ‘So in 1965 my mum and dad book a holiday to the Isle of Wight; my mum’s pregnant with me. Dad gets a bit wary and writes to the hotel saying that we’re coloured and would it cause any problems as they don’t want to travel all that way, what with my mum’s condition, to be turned away.

    The hotel writes back cancelling the reservation. This time, I’m just rocking up. I’m bringing my own house and my own cups. You’re welcome to come help me build my shack and take tea with me, but I’m coming whether you like it or not.’
    – Sonia Hughes

    This outdoor interactive installation is artist Sonia Hughes’ attempt to claim space. To test the limits of her and our hospitality. A bid to be a post-racial, global citizen. Setting herself up in the City of London and the Royal Docks she’ll build a temporary dwelling. We can watch, take part, have a chat with her. From far away London looks like a shiny glittering ball of diversity. Let’s see shall we?

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    Sonia Hughes (UK)


    Wed 17 June
    12pm – 7pm
    City of London: Carter Lane Gardens

    Thu 18 June
    12pm – 7pm
    City of London: Aldgate Square

    Sat 20 June & Sun 21 June
    The Royal Docks

    Free and unticketed

    This outdoor installation takes place in public spaces. Dress for the weather and observe or participate as you like.

    Sonia Hughes

    Lee Ivett
    Rabab Ghazoul
    Artistic Advisors
    Linda Brogan, Jo Fong, Humberto Velez, Fiona Wright, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa
    Richard Morgan
    Production Manager
    Greg Akehurst
    Solomon Hughes

    Commissioned by LIFT, SPILL Festival and Jerwood Arts in partnership with Arctic Arts Festival (Norway), SPRING Performing Arts Festival (Netherlands) and ILT Festival (Denmark). Supported by City of London as part of their Believe! Faith, Freedom (and Football) season, the Royal Docks team and LIFT’s Membership Programme.