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  • Finished 15 – 17 July

    The LIFT, Canning Town

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    Home Sweet Home


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    Home Sweet Home Estates invited us to become a resident of Canning Town’s smallest suburb; a cardboard community of neat streets and magnolia houses just waiting to be turned into homes.

    Each audience member selected a plot of land and personalised a home of their choosing to become part of the flat-packed community. Everyone had the potential to become an artist and express themselves through their creations. The final night culminated in a street party for everyone to celebrate their newly formed community.

    It was playful and lovely to spend time with strangers whilst creating our homes, chatting, comparing & helping each other

    Audience member

    There is something rather thrilling about watching an entire city mushroom in a room almost overnight - particularly when you are building it yourself.

    The Guardian

    Images: Clara Molden