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  • Finished 7 – 10 July

    Riverside Studios

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    Hobb Story: Instructions for Arab Love


    Aristes Producteurs Associés

    Hobb Story brought together theatre, documentary film, music and sex education for a remarkably frank new work from one of Tunisia’s young theatrical voices.

    Hobb Story mixed live performance with the personal video testimonies of young Tunisians for a truly authentic reflection on love, relationships, gender and desire within Arab and Muslim communities. Audiences left with a better understanding of the lives and aspirations of young people in the Middle and Near East.

    This marked the beginning of LIFT’s four-year interrogation into the Middle East and Near East, which recognizes both the geo-political importance of the region and the groundswell of theatre emerging from its independent producers and companies.

    A sensual spectacle of drama, parody, love song and live performance mixed with personal video testimonies, Hobb Story - Instructions for Arab Love is a portrait of society through the dreams of love, desire and intimacy of individuals.

    Tunisia Arts