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  • 16 September

    Stratford Circus

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    Ganesh Versus the Third Reich


    Back to Back Theatre

    Back to Back Theatre followed their LIFT 2010 production Food Courtwith an equally complex and uncompromising work with the UK premiere of Ganesh Versus the Third Reich.

    The story began with the elephant-headed God Ganesh traveling through Nazi Germany to reclaim the Swastika, the sacred Hindu symbol of auspiciousness. As this intrepid hero embarks on his journey, the actors themselves begin to feel the weighty responsibility of storytellers and question the ethics of cultural appropriation, told through the tale of a young man inspired to create a play about Ganesh, God of overcoming obstacles.

    It is Back to Back Theatre’s award-winning ensemble of actors with intellectual disabilities who give the play its strength, for as the allegedly ‘useless’ people Hitler strove to exterminate, the cast challenged the audience to examine not only who has the ‘right’ to create art from history’s darkest chapters, but also who has the right to tell a story and be heard.

    Ganesh Verses The Third Reich really is the sort of theatre that we need to see more of on our stages here in the UK.

    A Younger Theatre

    A vital sense-sharpening tonic for theatregoers who feel they’ve seen it all.

    New York Times

    Presented at Stratford circus in association with the Barbican

    Made possible through the generous support of the Keir Foundation

    Photos by Jeff Busby