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  • Posted 10 July 2016
    Sold out

    Everything by my side


    by Fernando Rubio

    Slip in between the pristine white sheets of a stranger’s bed and listen to the long-lost memory of a childhood tale in this intimate, playful performance.


    Reawakening long-lost stories that have lain dormant somewhere in the recesses of our mind and soul, these sleepy encounters become a place for escaped nightmares, daydreams and silent connections.


    A dreamy piece of pillow-talk

    NY Times

    Despite the very public location, the script and experience was intensely personal. Once you started staring into the eyes of the actress the real world largely drifted away

    Exeunt Magazine

    Presented by LIFT, Canary Wharf Arts + Events and Southbank Centre.
    Images — Laura Limp, Conrado Krivochein, Maria Baranova