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  • Posted 25 June 2010

    A quizzical look at the pros and cons of global social networking

    The Financial Times

    Continuous City


    The Builders Association

    Wherever we are in this networked world, we’re also partly somewhere else.

    Continuous City told the story of how a travelling businessman uses electronic media to keep in touch with his daughter, her nanny and his boss, revealing how the very technologies that are meant to bring us together can, in fact, create greater distances between us.

    New York’s critically acclaimed The Builder’s Association blended live performance with local and global media to create a production relevant to London’s digital landscape by giving audiences the chance to contribute and inform its content by logging on to a dedicated website on the lead up to the performance.

    LIFT increasingly uses technology to enable all kinds of artistic collaborations and this sensory and interactive piece challenged the very notion of what limits technology and interaction may have.

    Now the technology exists to enable all kinds of artistic collaborations…Technology isn’t simply a new strand of work- it’s signaling what the future might look like.

    Mark Ball (Artistic Director)

    Main photo by dbox
    Other photos by Tim Mitchell