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  • 18 September

    Unicorn Theatre

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    Before Your Very Eyes

    (Germany, Belgium)

    Gob Squad/ CAMPO

    Gob Squad and CAMPO’s Before Your Very Eyes is the last part of the CAMPO trilogy of theatre with children, made for an adult audience. Performed by a cast of nine young actors aged 8 to 14 locked inside a room of one-way mirrors, the show turned ideas about age and innocence upside down as the children peered into the future at their adult selves and back at their recent past, before leaving their childhoods behind forever.

    In reflecting on the uncomfortable truths about society’s obsession with youth and the ageing process, this production provided a rare and magnificent opportunity to witness lives lived in fast forward… Before Your Very Eyes!

    Produced by CAMPO & Gob Squad and presented by LIFT in association with the Unicorn Theatre as part of the London 2012 Festival

    Photos by Phile Deprez

    At times I don't know if I'm in tears laughing or crying. It's comedic, it's awful, it's tragic, yet it's daft, it's appalling...They've taken us on such a journey we're awash with astonishment.

    Total Theatre

    Before Your Very Eyes tells us the truth that we all try so hard to suppress; that slays us emotionally each time we hear it… It’s a coruscating heartache and a downcast joy that, in spite of all its existential angst, refreshes your lust for life.

    Matt Trueman