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  • Highlighted Events Posted 03 March 2020

    LIFT in association with Bernie Grant Arts Centre presents

    Welcome to Balthazar’s Treasure: The Cacao Quest!

    Solve the mystery and uncover the missing pages of Balthazar Sanchez’s recipe book to reveal the ultimate calorie-free chocolate recipe in this Tottenham-based treasure hunt.

    Come play – this game will combine live, interactive and digital elements. You’ll get to try out some great technology and learn about the history of Tottenham. You’ll tackle challenges, solve puzzles, untangle facts and discover some of Tottenham’s hidden history in an attempt to find the key to the ultimate chocolate experience.

    You may not know this but our hero, Balthazar Sanchez, was a real person! He was a Spanish Moor and was the confectioner to Philip II of Spain – when he first brought chocolate to the UK in the 1600s he settled in Tottenham and is one of the area’s long-lost heroes. Come find out more about Balthazar and Tottenham’s hidden history, including its secret HQ the ‘Tottenham Cabal’, as you explore the game.

    To view LIFT 2020 Digital Brochure click here

    Imwen Eke and the UpLIFTers (UK)


    Sat 27 June
    12 – 4pm
    Beginning at Bernie Grant Arts Centre
    Tickets £5
    Discounts available for groups above four people (babies & toddlers go free)
    Age 8+

    This game has a 2-4 hour duration and happens inside and outside. You will travel between locations in Tottenham which are 20-30 minutes walking distance apart.


    Conceived, created & directed by
    Imwen Eke
    Co-created by the Tottenham UpLIFTers
    Alexandra, Ashley, Bartek, Blessing, Charlie, Deshawn, Hemish, James, Jessica, Kamron, Lashawn, Malik, Nevan, Pravi, Ramari, Reyanna, Rueben, Ruya, Sinead, Sudenaz and Zerda
    Creative Technologist
    Patricia Akoli, Marcella Bruno, Agenda Brown, Maria Cuervo, Mekel Edwards, Carolyn Forsyth, Neri Gunn, Deborah Hedgecock, Harriet Mann, Ms Avril Nanton, Verity Quinn, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Bruce Castle Museum and Downhills Park Café

    Tottenham UpLIFTers is a LIFT Commission conceived and co-directed by Darren O’Donnell and Alice Fleming. Supported by Baskin Family Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, High Commission of Canada in the UK, The Mercers’ Company, National Lottery Awards for All, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Sackler Trust, Tottenham Youth Fund and LIFT’s Membership Programme.