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  • Finished 24 – 25 October

    Shoreditch Town Hall

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    A young woman enters a hotel. She is magnetic and compelling, yet strangely detached, as if in a dream; she knows everyone, yet is utterly alone; she has many lovers, but loves no one; she is 18 years old – or is she 80?

    ABSENT was partly inspired by The Duchess of Argyll’s residence at a central London hotel from the 1970’s until the 80’s, when she was finally evicted, having run out of friends and credit.

    Threading its way through the maze-like basements of Shoreditch Town Hall, ABSENT was a multi-layered journey mixing film, installation and a haunting soundscape by Lapalux to create an increasingly labyrinthine dream world that merges past, present and future.

    A dreamthinkspeak production, co-commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall, LIFT and LeftCoast.

    A beautiful work...creator Tristan Sharps cheekily engineers both through-the looking-glass and Narnia-style moments for us

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    Financial Times

    “Fleeting, maddening and unbearably heart-rending”

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    The Telegraph