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  • 20 October

    Shoreditch Town Hall

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    66 Minutes in Damascus

    (Lebanon, )

    Lucien Bourjeily

    Inspired by the descriptions of Syrian detention centres from foreign journalists and local activists arbitrarily incarcerated by the autocratic regime, 66 Minutes in Damascus put the audience in the place of a group of tourists who visit the Syrian capital, only to be arrested by the Syrian secret service.

    Lebanese film-maker and theatre director Lucien Bourjeily, the artist who brought improvised theatre to the streets of Beirut during the political turmoil of 2008, brought the Syrian revolution disturbingly close to London in his newest work 66 Minutes in Damascus.

    Trapped in a web of intrigue and fear, the audience became similarly entangled in the strands of immersive, site-specific interactive theatre which Bourjeily has woven together throughout his career. Lucien led a creative team of Lebanese, French, Moroccan, Dutch, British, Turkish and Iraqi artists to create this exciting new commission in the heart of East-London.

    Though located in the dark heart of one of the Middle East’s most bloody regimes, 66 Minutes in Damascus also reflected the reality of life under autocratic governments across the world.

    Stunningly effective...probably the most intense and terrifying theatrical experience I've ever been through in my life.

    London City Nights

    Main image supplied by artists.
    Production photos by Lucien Bourjeily.