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  • 17 September

    Hackney Empire

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    100% London


    Rimini Protokoll

    A statistical chain reaction that starred 100 everyday Londoners, each of whom represented 1% of London’s 7.8 million population.

    100% London began with the casting of one person who then had 24 hours to recruit another, who then recruited another and so on – all according to specific criteria of age, gender, location and ethnicity mirroring the demographic make-up of one of the world’s most diverse cities.

    100% London has evolved from Rimini Protokoll’s ‘reality trend’ practice that draws on the views of ‘experts in daily life’ and where everyday people are the principal characters.

    Asked about their lives, habits and beliefs, the cast grouped and regrouped on stage to create a human opinion poll: a series of fleeting pictures of belonging and contrasting that revealed how London really thinks and feels. A fascinating and unique performance that intrigued and surprised Londoners and visitors alike.

    Putting faces to the 7.8 million, 100 inhibitants of London create a shifting stage of statistics on everything from politics to religious beliefs and concerns about the Olympics in this 90-minute tour de force…

    A Younger Theatre

    100% London is a city-specific advancement of the project 100% Berlin (Hebbel am Ulfer/HAU, Berlin 2008)

    Presented with the Hackney Empire as part of the London 2012 Festival