Unfinished Dream

Hamid Pourazari (Iran)


60 audience members were blindfolded and led by performers to a multi storey car park in Croydon where they embarked on a surreal, journey through the hopes, dreams and nightmares of local residents.


Commissioned by LIFT and presented in association with Perpenata Theatre Company as part of the London 2012 Festival

Photos by Dominic Jan Geis 



Hamid Pourazari is one of the most exciting independent theatre makers working in Iran. His work with some of Tehran’s most marginalised communities is visceral, visual and unashamedly bold. Following an inspiring introduction in Tehran, LIFT commissioned Hamid with Perpanata Theatre Company, to create a new work with refugees and local residents in one of London’s most contrasting boroughs, Croydon, where wealthy commuters nestle alongside refugee communities. Over 3 months, open workshops took place in the Croydon Clocktower and in local schools, coming into contact with 220 people. From these Unfinished Dream was conceived and created under Hamid's direction. The final 60 strong cast ranged in age between 5 and 86, representing over ten different ethnic groups and performed solidly for 10 nights. The show revealed participants moving memories, stories, dreams and aspirations, which were poetically woven together to produce an inventive promenade performance. Within the concrete confines of a city car park in Croydon the performance came alive with drama, song, dance and live music.

The overarching success of the piece was the community it created between the performers and the integration it encouraged to the wider society. One of the participants explains how the show had an impact:

Not only has it (the project) changed peoples lives but it has helped people to change their mindset about certain things, that you can do all things, regardless, whether its hard or not hard, so that's the way I see it. Because I didn't know I could act and now I know I can act
Unfinished Dream participant

This show will be a defining moment in my life and I hope to go on and do more amazing shows...more of the new and unique...
Unfinished Dream participant

I learnt that it doesn't matter if you're big or small - you can still take part...
Unfinished Dream participant